Academic year

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Leadership training in cadets plays a vital role in shaping their lives. It equips them with essential skills, instills strong values, and prepares them to lead with confidence and integrity. These qualities are not only valuable during their time in the college but also contribute to their success in future endeavors, whether in military service, civilian careers, or community leadership roles.

Following efforts are being made for leadership training and character building of Cadets.

House System

Cadets are accomodated into four houses: The names of these four houses are:

  • Khadija House
  • Fatima House
  • Ayesha House
  • Zainab House

Each house is assigned a house Mistress. The house system will play a significant role in shaping the holistic development of cadets by providing a structured environment, Fostering a sense of community, Promoting discipline, Sportsmanship, Team work, Enhance Personal growth and leadership skills to excel in the challenging World.

Cadet Council

Cadet Council is consisting of cadets who are elected or appointed on the basis of their vigilant performance to represent the student body and serve as a liaison between cadets and the college administration. This council is composed of the following:

  • President (CSUO)
  • Vice President (CJUO)
  • Members (TSUO, TJUO, TQMS, TSM & SLCs of all terms).