Academic year

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation

The process of academic evaluation and personality assessment is carried out around the year, through check points /term examinations and various activities and exercises organized in the college. A comprehensive assessment book, containing six years of assessment record of each Cadet, is maintained through out their stay at LGCC.


Internal examinations, i.e., check points and term wise tests, in respect of all the flights, are held regularly to assess the progress of the cadets in academics, and the parents will also be informed accordingly.

1. Surprise Test

At any time the Commandant / VP / DOS checks the cadets' academic progress by Surprise Test. Results of such tests are properly maintained and necessary instructions are issued on the basis of results.

2. Check Points

Check Point examinations will be held to assess students' understanding and knowledge of the subject matter covered in the mid of each term. The weighted score for checkpoint examinations is 10, and it will be factored into the final term results.

3. First Term Examination

First term examination will be held in September.

4. Second Term Examination

Second term examination will be held in December.

5. Final Term Examination

Final term examination will be held in March.

6. Pre-Board Examination

Pre-Board examination for class IX to XII is held after the completion of syllabus in shape of Model Papers according to the respective Board Patterns.

Progress Report

The cadets' comprehensive assessment report is discussed with parents after each examination in shape of ParentsTeachers Conference.